Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obsession #1

SHOES. I can't stop looking at them online, in stores, on other people, etc. I swear it's a disorder I need medication for.

However, all my shoes are black and I think I need to fix that soon. Okay well, as soon as I have enough money to go shopping again. Also, I shop in very cheap places so they're not actually that expensive at all. Nothing over $30 on my wish list!

My take on the gladiators:
I really prefer the variations because the whole "ribcage" style isn't one of my favorites, although I have to give it to em for being super comfortable. But really, the whole gladiator style pretty much encompasses any kind of shoe that appears to cover your feet in a peekaboo and rugged way.

I like the chunky platforms that have been popping up everywhere, and I'd say they are a safe transition into the fall. They're a good contrast to the more feminine skirts and airy fabrics we're going to be seeing this fall. And pairing these with bandage dress would be so. dangerously. sexy!! (

I also like the woven looks. I know it's not the most known gladiator style, but in my book it does so there. I actually have these Athena Alexander sandals in black, and they are comfortable as hell. With just a mere nod to the trend, I can see these lasting into further seasons. Plus, I have to say I've worn these shoes with so many different outfits and they always seem to look perfect. (Photo:

I couldn't find a picture of these, but I'm also cheering on the return of the tie gladiators that were popular about 3 years ago. You know, the sandals that were a mess of string and wrapped around the ankle and even up the calf? The people (aka me) who bought them back then are massively excited to be able to wear them again :)

Wish list:

I'm not too sure about these though. I like the teal, but the black t-strap looks too giant.

I can see myself wearing these all the time. T-straps are growing on me, as well as white/cream/beige shoes. Plus it's elastic! I think that's cool.

The only pair of red shoes I own are patent leather flats with a pointed toe and a BUCKLE. I need to upgrade. These seem so fun and whimsical.

I'm looking into a pair of white wedges/espadrilles. Clearly, I won't be wearing them until next spring/summer, so I can stop crying about how every pair I want is sold out.

I don't care what you think, I like these! I'm a sucker for little cute details and pink. True fact: they don't have it in my size.

For some reason, mustard yellow really appeals to me. I'd like to think it goes with most everything, including black and grey. My entire wardrobe is mostly black and grey.


4 replies:

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love the color mustard yellow.

And you are completely linked LADY! Wonderful blog, and your banner is amazing, I saw that editorial on Foto Decatent and I liked it immediately.

Linda said...

Dood, GET the first pair. I have the version by Bakers and a friend has the cheaper version by, and they're both freaking amazing!

And doh! I'm so jealous of your banner! I hate mine and am god-awful at Photoshop. haha

I linked you, bebe!

coco said...

Who doesn't love a nice pair of shoes? I like the first pair the best I think!

Mary said...

Auuuugh I have too many shoes, I need real clothes, but shoes always make me feel so happy... especially heels, which I seldom wear.

Love the turquoise and brown t straps, the patent red ones, and the yellow ones best!